Our Messages

The Book of Acts 1:12-26

Today, we get into some fresh story. The end of Christ’s ministry on earth is the beginning of the disciple's ministry in His behalf. They were just instructed to wait for the arrival of the Holy Spirit, so they head up to an upper room and spend time in Prayer. This is where Peter leads them in filling the vacancy in the 12 apostles ranks after Judas’ betrayal. The 12 apostles were symbolic of the 12 tribes of Israel, and it is hard to be representative when there is only 11 of you.

The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts is unique among those of the Testament. It helps bridge the gap between the gospels and the rest of the books. We start today with our verse-by-verse study of it. I am excited because we can learn so much from the early church!


Last week we looked at compassion and this week we will explore a little of mercy. Both attributes of God are expressed in action. Based on His extending it to us, we are to, "Go and do likewise". Thank God that we have received a new nature which enables us to extend mercy properly!


Jesus touched many people's lives but still noticed that they were "harassed" and scattered like sheep without a shepherd, just like today where we are bombarded by turmoil. His solution is wrapped up in compassion. The harvest needs laborers who will express that care everywhere we can.

Give Thanks

We live in a world where so many seem so unsatisfied with what they have. So many claim they are mistreated, mishandled, and are victims of every sort of terrible atrocity. But as Christians we should recognize the gifts and blessings of God all around us and be thankful!

God Says, the World Says

God says one thing, but the world says another. The question for us as Christians is who are we going to believe?

God's Grace

For those who don't know, God's grace is inexhaustible. Because of His nature, as a concerned Father our need for reconciliation is met by God's amazing grace. It's available as a gift but isn't automatically bestowed. It must be received.

Who Am I?

The most common and effective attack of the enemy will be to question who you are. When he asks, "Who are you," what will you say?

Guest Speaker - Ron Simpkins

We are very blessed to welcome our guest speaker, Pastor Ron Simpkins, who has a wonderful, encouraging message about running the race and fighting the good fight of faith.

God's Intervention

In studying several Biblical instances where the word "but" is found we see tremendous evidence of God's hand in people's lives. We serve a good God should be encouraged by the promise of His faithfulness.

The Believer's Hope

What is hope? The dictionary says it is the "feeling" that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. However, biblical hope is different. Instead of a feeling, it is a knowing. And it is because of Christ!

His Way My Way

All too often, we limit who God is by our experiences. We think that God will be like our natural father, or we think God behave like what we see on TV or in the movies. We limit what we think God can do by what “we” think is possible. But His ways are not our ways. He may well, and often does, do things in ways that are totally different to how we would have or would like them done.