Our Messages

Philippians II - To Live is Christ

Pastor Joseph takes the reigns as we continue through Philippians. Paul urges the church to be bold in Christ. Let our conduct be worthy as we continue to stand in one spirit in the faith even as our adversaries come against us. While we are able to believe in Christ we also must suffer for His sake.

Philippians I - Grace & Peace To You

Pastor Wayne begins a several week series on the Book of Philippians. The primary purpose of this letter was to thank the believers for their gift in his time of need, but he also took the opportunity to encourage them as well. Paul begins by telling them they are in his thoughts, heart, and prayers.


Pastor Wayne wraps up our series of Who We Are. God puts a call on all our lives. As we realize what God wants us to do we need to be equipped first. Jesus strengthens us with His grace.


Let's join Pastor Joseph as he speaks about being equipped for the Kingdom. We have been given the same faith today as the apostles had when they followed Christ. God has sent us the Holy Spirit to empower us to go and proclaim Jesus.


Let's join Pastor Wayne and listen about evangelism. Everything we do as a church is to spread the message of Christ to those around us. Sheep need a shepherd. We should be bold about sharing the love of Christ with others.

Use Your Gift

Join us as guest speaker, Pastor Jeff Rossman from Poughkeepsie, New York, encourages us on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To all is given a gift, but you have to use it.

We are Generous

As we continue our series on Who We Are pastor Wayne talks about the church's generosity. One of the topics Jesus spoke of the most about was money. We need a change of heart about our finances. God cannot be out-given.

We Are A Family

Here at living family church, we are a family. We love and honor one another.

We Are A People Who Pray

Prayer is imperative for a Christian. You can't have a relationship without communication, and prayer is how we communicate with God. In addition, the prayer of a righteous man produces much. At LHFC, we are a people who pray.

We are Filled with the Holy Spirit

We continue our series on Who We Are. We are Spirit led. God pours out His spirit to benefit His Church. Every believer can have them and they are especially for today's generation and those to come.

We are Worshipers

Continuing the series on who we are. Why we worship God.

We Walk by Faith

Pastor Wayne continues our series on Living Hope Family Church's culture. Faith is the foundation of our salvation. We believe with a conviction in our Lord and His promises made to us. Our faith in Christ gives us the endurance to keep on whether or not things or good or bad.