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Reaching People for Jesus - What is the Gospel?

In this first message in a new series called "Reaching People for Jesus," we learn what the gospel really is. If we are going to share the gospel effectively, we have to know what it is and ensure that we are not misrepresenting this incredible free gift.

1 Corinthians Part 29

Pastor Wayne completes his study on the Book of Corinthians, Paul ends his letter by reminding the church that they must follow the teachings of Christ and that they should do all they do out of love.

1 Corinthians Part 26

Paul talks to the church, he talks about the resurrection, he also tells the people that we will be born again with a new body, one that does not decay or grow old.

1 Corinthians Part 27

The resurection of the dead was a key tennant of Christianity. If the dead weren't reaised, then even Jesus wasn't raised. Paul argues that in fact, Jesus was raised as the first of many, and one day, those who die in Him will be resurrected again.

How Beautiful are the Feet!

Our first priority as Christians is to share the gospel. Dr. Leon looks at the importance of this call and challenges us to share the gospel at every opportunity, whether it be to large crowds or just one individual.

Personal Doubt

Have you ever doubted yourself or were afraid to step out into what God has called you to? You are not alone. In his 2nd message ever, John takes a look at this fear and how to overcome it.

1 Corinthians Part 26

Some members of the Corinthian church were teaching that there was no resurection. Paul reminds them of the Gospel he taught them and the importance of the resurrection.

1 Corinthians Part 25

The Corinthian church had misunderstood the proper use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They were all speaking during the service at the same time, and as a result, the body was not being edified. However, Paul has instruction for their proper use to ensure that no gift is abused and that the body of Christ is built up.

1 Corinthians Part 24

Pastor Wayne continues with part 24 on his study on the book of Corinthians. Pastor Wayne talks about praying for the gifts of the spirit and to use the gifts responsibly. The church in the book of Corinthians would speak in tongues to build themselves up, and in doing so, they just sounded like noise and did not edify the body.

1 Corinthians Part 23

Pastor Wayne continues with part 13 on his study on the Book of Corinthians. Pastor Wayne talks about love, we must have love for one another and how good deeds must come out of love and not to make ourselves look good.

1 Corinthians Part 22

Pastor Wayne continues his study with part 22 on his study on the book of Corinthians. Pastor Wayne discusses being a part of the church and how the body is affected by one body part. The church must work as one whole body with everyone working according to his or her gifts.

1 Corinthians Part 21

Pastor Wayne continues with part 21 of his study on the book of Corinthians. Pastor Wayne discusses the gifts of the Holy Spirit, God has granted us the gifts of the Holy Spirit and they include healing and speaking in tongues, among others.