Our Messages

Living Victorious

Last week we discovered our new identity in Christ. Today we will look at how to live out of that identify in a victorious manner. In Christ we overcome the world.

Who am I

Join Pastor Wayne this morning as he discusses our identity. Who we are determines what we do. We are chosen. We are new. We are strengthened. We are conquerors and everlasting. To all who received Him and believed in His name, they are children of God.

How Will You Sine

Turn on the light so you don't stub your pinky toe and weep like a 13 year old girl. Praise God for the light He puts inside of us. Let people know where you stand. We shouldn't be hidden away, but proudly serve and share the joy of our Lord. Lets live our lives in the name of the King.

Romans XXVIII - Obedience in the Faith

Let's follow along as Joseph Kobel closes out our study through Romans. We should receive each other well, not just in within the Church, but out of it as well. Jesus is our perfect theology. The Gospel is ours, let's own it together.

Romans XXVII - N.O.W.

God is on the move! Let's join Joseph Kobel as we continue through Roman's. Now, let's be refreshed in the presence of God. Wherever we go God goes with us.

Romans XXVI - Serving Like Jesus

It's not us who gets to say, "Well Done." Christianity is the complete opposite of selfishness. Let's make our lives a contest to out serve one another. Let's live like Jesus and be a servant to all.

Romans XXV - The Kingdom of God

We have the hope of the Gospel! Our job is to single mindedly serve Jesus. Arguing and enjoying our liberty at the expense of others will destroy their faith. Let us walk in love.

Romans XXIV - We Live for the Lord

We shouldn't be judged by others for how we serve nor should we judge how others server. They, as well as us, live for the Lord.

Roman's XXIII - Fulfilling the Law

Even though Christians are not subject to the law, when we live with love, by default, we fulfill the law.

Romans XXII - A Renewed Mind

Paul shows us the characteristics of a real Christian. How do you receive and live displaying those characteristics? With a renewed mind.

Romans XXI - Israel's Salvation

God's promises and calling are irrevocable. Israel may be currently hardened, but God is not done with them.

Romans XX - Grafted In

Do you have a changed life? Let's listen in as Joseph Kobel preaches from Romans. We have a wild nature before we are saved, but are grafted in through Jesus. We stand by faith trusting in God.