Our Messages

Romans XVII - On Whom He Will

Let's join Pastor Wayne as we navigate through Romans. We are justified by faith, Amen! We are his elect. God is definitely in control, thank goodness. In the end He chooses who is worthy.

Romans XVI - Our Hope

Joseph Kobel delivers today's message on the hope of Jesus Christ. If we suffer with him then we shall surely share in His glory. The will of God is that we give thanks in everything for He will never leave or forsake us. Nothing created can separate us from the love of God.

Romans XV - According to the Spirit

Join Pastor Wayne as we study the book of Romans. We are not under condemnation in Christ! Now there will always be consequences for sin, but thankfully we can have God's forgiveness.

Romans XIV - Internal Conflict

Before your saved your are a slave to Sin, but with our hearts set on Jesus we are free. We are able to live without Sin.

Romans XIII - Dead to the Law

As Christians, we are no longer under obligation to the law because we have died with Christ. As a result, we have been joined to another and are able to bear fruit!

Romans XII - Slave of Righteousness

Join Pastor Wayne as we navigate through Romans. Will you be a lover of Jesus or the world? Thanks and glory be to God that we don't have to remain slaves to unrighteousness.

Roman's XI - Dead to Sin Alive to Christ

Let's dive into God's word with Joseph Kobel. With Christ we've left sin and moved into God's country.

Romans X - Through One Man

Through Adam's sin, all mankind was condemned. Join Pastor Wayne as he answers the question, "Is this fair," as we continue on in our study of the Book of Romans.

Romans IX - Peace with God

Through our relationship with Christ we are no longer God's enemy. We have instant and complete access to God through Christ. Jesus knows absolutely everything about us and yet He still gave His life to deal with all our sin and save us from the wrath of God.

Romans VIII - Promised to Abraham

Our inheritance is not based on our physical sight or just our immediate surroundings. We are heirs of God's kingdom through our steadfast faith in Christ. We must remind ourselves not put God in a box. Our enduring faith produces character which in turns breeds hope.

Romans VII - Abraham's Righteousness

Abraham was circumcised as a sign that he was set aside for God. Today our hearts are circumcised through Christ. Our faith in His promise sets us apart and spurs us forward to share His joy.


God has all authority. He has given us ability and power to go out and make disciples for Him. Today we delve into the joyous strength that God empowers us with.