Our Messages

We Are A Family

Here at living family church, we are a family. We love and honor one another.

We Are A People Who Pray

Prayer is imperative for a Christian. You can't have a relationship without communication, and prayer is how we communicate with God. In addition, the prayer of a righteous man produces much. At LHFC, we are a people who pray.

We are Filled with the Holy Spirit

We continue our series on Who We Are. We are Spirit led. God pours out His spirit to benefit His Church. Every believer can have them and they are especially for today's generation and those to come.

We are Worshipers

Continuing the series on who we are. Why we worship God.

We Walk by Faith

Pastor Wayne continues our series on Living Hope Family Church's culture. Faith is the foundation of our salvation. We believe with a conviction in our Lord and His promises made to us. Our faith in Christ gives us the endurance to keep on whether or not things or good or bad.

We are Saved by Grace

Pastor Joseph kicks off our series on The Culture of Living Hope Family Church, where we dive into who we are as a church. Here we learn that we are a people who are saved by grace.

More Than A Story

Happy Easter! He is risen. Without the resurrection His death is meaningless. Thankfully our hope is placed in God and the facts of Jesus's victory are so apparent. He made sure that there wouldn't be a doubt that he came and done what he meant to done!

By Their Example

Follow Pastor Wayne as he examines Acts. Though times have changed people gave stayed the same. We need the Holy Spirit in order to be successful as Christians. The body needs to be devoted to one anther. How can we live like the early Church?

Time To Go

It took the Israelites 40 years to go an 11 day journey. It's time to get going in the blessing and provision God has given us so we don't fall in to the same trap.


You have been set free. Set free to serve. Set free to give. Set free to encourage. Set free to build His kingdom.

Our Lot

Join us for our Revival with Jarone Halsted. Give! The kingdom of God gives us the freedom in Christ to give and love on everyone. We need to listen and obey Him and give our hearts to him completely.

40 Chances

Because life keeps moving forward, we only have a limited amount of chances to do what God has called us to do. Don't waste your chances by not walking through the doors God has opened for you.