Our Messages

Romans II - Abraham's Righteousness

Abraham was circumcised as a sign that he was set aside for God. Today our hearts are circumcised through Christ. Our faith in His promise sets us apart and spurs us forward to share His joy.


God has all authority. He has given us ability and power to go out and make disciples for Him. Today we delve into the joyous strength that God empowers us with.


We need to be equipped so that we may be ready in and out of season. The purpose of a pastor is to build up the saints, and our goal should be to raise people up in their knowledge of Christ. Our faith should never rest on another man but only in Jesus Christ. All we have to do to be prepared is follow Jesus.


Everything we do at LHFC is to reach the world for Jesus. We lift up Jesus so that all will be drawn towards Him. Imagine what the world would be like if we thought of other people as more important than ourselves. God does not love us for the things we have or haven't done; He just loves us in spite of everything. There is a desperate need for Christ.,


Jesus talked about money more than anything else except the kingdom of God. If you don't want to be disappointed you have to put God first. If we will be generous God will always provide what we need.

People who Love

God is love which is a foreign concept to many. He loves us all. We were not worthy of God's love, but he gives it to us anyways. The people who need love the most are sometimes the hardest to love. Let us stir up love and good works. "Someday we'll see Jesus, eyeball to eyeball" - Joseph Kobel

A People Who Pray

Talk to God! There isn't a special formula. To have a strong relationship we have to communicate. We must make time to upkeep our relationship. Prayer is a commandment. God wants to hear our requests.

Filled with the Spirit

We can be saved, but still not receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. God has many gifts for us not just one, and wants us to eagerly seek them out. We're very good at putting God in a box, but He cannot be contained. If we who are evil can bless our children, how much more will our Father give us if we just ask? We need God's power!


At Living Hope Family Church, we are worshipers. God is worthy of our praise and we are a people who worship with all that we have.

Walk by Faith

Who we are We do not have to do anything spectacular, we just have to put our faith in Jesus. Jesus is the same throughout the ages. The main elements of our faith are to affirm conviction that the word of God is true, this will cause a personal surrender to Jesus, which then is reflected in our conduct.

Saved by Grace

We're all about Jesus. Everything we do is to share His message. His mercy saves us from the death we deserve and His grace is given to us even though we don't deserve it. Christ makes us new, not refurbished, but completely new.

He is Risen

As Jesus walked the Earth he was a man just like us. The joy set before Jesus was us. His Love draws us in. Without his resurrection we are lost. We are born again to a living hope.