Our Messages

1 John 2:15-29

John continues encouraging us in our devotion to the kingdom of God because the world is not permanent. He explains how to identify the "antichrist," reminding us of the promise of eternal life. We are to "abide in Him" in order to discern the truth.

1 John 2:1-14

As we study the first part of chapter 2, John is addressing something that all Christians need to understand. It is something that is just as relevant to us as it was to these believers 1900 years ago. Christians should not sin. We are to walk in the light and we are to obedient to Him.

1 John 1:1-10

John is writing a group of believers that have been assaulted with false teachings of claims contradicting the deity or humanity of Jesus. In addition some were claiming that they were not sinners or that sin didn't matter. John begins refuting these claims in this first chapter.

True Love, A Fruit of the Spirit

The world's idea of love is not the same as God's requirements. We can't produce it on our own. We need the Holy Spirit. The fruit produced is eternal and effective.

His Way, My Way

All too often, we limit who God is by our experiences. We think that God will be like our natural father or we think God behave like what we see on TV or in the movies. We limit what we think God can do by what “we” think is possible. But, His ways are not our ways. He may well, and often does, do things in ways that are totally different to how we would have or would like them done.


Today, particularly in the U.S., we are ruled by science. In other words, if it can't be sensed, understood, and explained by our natural senses, we are skeptical, or even downright negative towards it. However, we serve God who is in the business of the supernatural. If we want to see God move in spectacular ways, we have to be open to the supernatural working of God.

Eyes Wide Forward

As we enter the new year, resolutions are on everyone’s mind. We are all focused on a new future. Turns out, Christianity is always looking towards the future. We let go of our past because it has already been paid for. We look towards the future, to who we are in Christ, and not who we were.

The Greatness of Our God

The same great power that raised Jesus from the dead drew us to God. His power surpasses the limits of nature for those who believe.

Purpose For Life

In light of world news God has a great plan and an eternal purpose which is working out as we head towards eternity. This really is an exciting time to be alive!

Did It Steal Your Joy?

We have had a trying year between COVID-19 and the unruly elections. It's easy to get lost in despair. But as Christians, our joy is not tied to our circumstances. Rather, it is tied to our hope in the Lord.

2 Corinthians 13:1-14

Sometimes real love demands confrontation. Paul has spent the majority of this letter defending himself against the accusations of the false teachers and apostles, as well as those brought by the congregation. But as he ends this letter, it is time for Paul to confront the Corinthians. Paul reminds them that all they do is done in front of God, who is our judge. If they won’t listen to him, then Paul tells them to examine themselves to ensure they are in Christ, and He in them. Because ultimately, Paul’s primary concern has always been the Corinthian church and their wellbeing.

2 Corinthians 12:11-21

Paul has spent the last little bit engaging in foolish boasting in order to undermine the false teachers and apostles. But now, the tone changes, and he begins to challenge the Corinthians themselves. While he was with them, all the true signs of an apostle were evident, and they received the same care, love, and teaching that any church planted by one of the other apostles gave. Except he was not a burden on them. He wonders why he is to be loved less for this. Finally, he expresses his concern with what he might find on his next visit.