Our Messages

God is Faithful

In our most troubling times, God is always there for us. We must put our Trust in God and believe he will protect us because he is faithful.

Walking In Authority

In our Christian walk, we must walk in the authority given to us by God. We must understand and not be afraid to use the power he has given us to serve him.

Free & Passionate Worship

In our Christian walk worship is the most important things we do. When we worship, we should not be afraid to sing and clap, we should be expressive and worship freely.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Jesus has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness, and sealed us with the Holy Spirit. Signs will follow.

How to Grow Up

When we have a baby, we expect it to eventually grow up. The same is true for Christians. At some point we have to mature in our faith.

The Mighty Gideon

God sees us differently than we see ourselves, if we just trust in him and say yes, he will use us in a might way.

The Mighty Samson

In the Bible, there are many mighty characters that we can learn from. This week, we see that even in his worst moments, God still used Samson, and this is true for us as well.

Spiritual Fitness

Pastor Joseph ministers on being spiritually fit. Bodily exercise is of some good, but godliness is good for all things, both in this life and the next.

Philippians VII - God's Provision

Pastor Wayne finished up the series on the book of Philippians. In this final chapter, Paul deals with unity in the church, provision, generosity, anxiety, and being strong in Christ.

Philippians VI - Press On

Christianity is a forward looking religion. We shouldn't get hung up looking behind us, but rather we should strain forward, pressing on towards the upward calling of Christ.

Philippians V - Are We There Yet

Pastor Joseph leads our fifth installment of Philippians. Paul warns us who to avoid in life. We should put our confidence in the Lord and not the futile things of this world. The things in life we should desire are the things that would bring us closer to Christ.

Philippians IV - Working Out Your Own Salvation

Pastor Wayne's message continues our study through Philippians. We can rejoice! We not have everything, but through belief in Jesus we are saved and set free.