Our Messages

God's Standard

There are many standards in life which must be adhered to in order for society to function for the benefit of everyone. But who sets the standards and who enforces the rules? How this is implemented determines the outcome. However, God's ways are higher than ours and that results in our falling short in our own efforts. It's not that we shouldn't try, it's that Jesus Christ paid for our failures and supplies the power to press forward. Let's focus our attention on His grace toward us so we can express it in love towards others.

Don't Stay Down

Thank God we don’t only get one shot. It we screw up or fall or fail, it is not over. There is only one way to fail as a Christian, and that is to stay down. But much like a boxer, if you get back up, the fight goes on. However, staying down is what the enemy wants you to do. But you are victorious in Christ and the only way you lose is if you don’t get up.

Dealing With Temptation

We are tempted when the enemy frames the thing that we are tempted by in an extremely attractive light. He makes it look like the best thing one could imagine. However, if we succumb, we are overcome with feelings of guilt and shame. Or we deal with serious repercussions. The very thing that was “supposed” to make us happy ends up destroying us. But don't worry. God provides a way out every time.

John 21:1-25

John relates some more post-resurrection information in this last chapter. Jesus is still serving his disciples in Galilee where he instructed them to wait. Making good use of the time, Peter and 6 other disciples go fishing but catch nothing. Obeying Jesus' instructions (while not realizing it's Him) they catch plenty. After they, eat Jesus restores Peter asking 3 times ". . . do you love me . . .? After this a rumor started that John wouldn't see death but Jesus simply wants us to be his followers and be personally responsible to him.

John 20:19-31

Last week, Jesus made an appearance to Mary, and we know from the other gospels, before the events we will study today, Jesus walked with a pair of disciples on the road to Emmaus (although, they didn’t realize it was Him until the very end of their journey). Even though the ladies told them they had seen angels, and even spoken to Jesus, they didn’t know what to do next. They were still afraid of the Jews. So today we find them hiding behind locked doors when Jesus makes an appearance to them all.

John 20:1-18

Last week Jesus died on the cross. It seemed like all was lost, and the disciples had lost all hope. But this was not the end of the story. The tomb would be rolled away, and it would be empty. Jesus had risen.

John 19:28-42

Jesus gives up His life on the cross and proclaims, "It is finished!" He completed the task for which He came to earth, namely, to pay for the evil deeds of all mankind. His friends then buried His body, not realizing it was only temporary.

John 19:1-27

This week, we will continue to see Pilate desperately trying to find some way not to kill Jesus, but it is to no avail. He wouldn’t follow through with his convictions and is persuaded by the crowd. So instead, He delivers Jesus to be crucified, which is where we will end today with Jesus still on the cross.

John 18:25-40

Today, we find ourselves still in the house of Annas, the high priests' father-in-law, for a short time as we see Peter continue to deny Jesus, and then finally, Jesus is sent to the Pilate’s headquarters so they could get Him to pronounce judgement and kill Jesus.

John 18:1-24

Jesus gets arrested in the garden and taken to a mock trial. John goes with Him and Peter, too. After getting brought into the courtyard, Peter denies Jesus. Jesus willingly allowed all the events of the Passion for our sake.

Mothers Are Amazing

For Mother's Day, we are taking a look through some of the extraordinary cases of mothers throughout scripture, and the relentless, never-ending love that God has instilled into them. We want to thank all of the wonderful mothers out there, and thank God for blessing us with them!

John 17:1-26

After the teaching and instructions after the last supper in the upper room, we come to what many refer to as the High Priestly Prayer. Now He begins to pray first for Himself, then for His apostles, and finally for those who would believe on Him in the future.