Our Messages

God's Healing Promises

God cares about you and His word is full of promises regarding your health and wellness.

The Author of Sickness

There was no sickness, disease, or death when God created man, and there is none in heaven. He does not use it to discipline nor guide us. It is not His will that anyone of us would be sick. Satan is the author of sickness and he uses it to cause kill, steal, and destroy.

The Mind of Christ

Join Joseph Kobel as he takes us through God's word. We should do our best to set ourselves apart from this world and pursue the things of God. Let's not be selfish but have lives of humility and love towards one another.

Where Is Your Joy

There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is the result of your circumstances but joy is the result of the finished work of Christ in you.

Abiding In Christ

Branches that are not attached to the vine fade and die quickly. The same is true for Christians who don't abide in Jesus. As Christians, abiding in Christ should be of the utmost priority.

Gathering of the Brethren

What is priority in your life? Make time for Christ and His people. We're here to get trained in godliness for life and the life to come. We strengthen each other by meeting together.

What is Your Expectation

Listen along as Joseph teaches this morning. The enemy has been defeated , we can expect that God will bring us victory in life. God blesses us not curses. We are more than conquerors in Christ.

You Are Free

We are FREE from sin not just forgiven! God hosed us down not to go back in the mud. We will always be salves to something so let's be slaves to righteousness. Let's not act like who we were but be reminded of who we are now. Keep in step with the Spirit.

Will You Say Yes?

Even when it's hard will you say, "Yes"? Don't be lukewarm, go all in! Even Jesus had a choice. We need to get back up again.

Extending Grace

All too often, Christians find themselves behaving like the slave in Matthew 18, forgetting the grace and forgiveness that has been granted them when dealing with others. Instead, we should always extend grace and forgiveness to those who are struggling.


All authority has been given to Him. Jesus is Lord of all. Go and make disciples of all the nations. Where does our hope come from? Let it be Jesus so we can share it with others.

Who Will You Believe

We are constantly bombarded with conflicting reports. But when the report conflicts with God's promises, we have to make a choice in which report to believe.