Our Messages

Roman's XXIII - Fulfilling the Law

Even though Christians are not subject to the law, when we live with love, by default, we fulfill the law.

Romans XXII - A Renewed Mind

Paul shows us the characteristics of a real Christian. How do you receive and live displaying those characteristics? With a renewed mind.

Romans XXI - Israel's Salvation

God's promises and calling are irrevocable. Israel may be currently hardened, but God is not done with them.

Romans XX - Grafted In

Do you have a changed life? Let's listen in as Joseph Kobel preaches from Romans. We have a wild nature before we are saved, but are grafted in through Jesus. We stand by faith trusting in God.

Romans XIX - Salvation to All

Pastor Wayne reminds us of the desperate need for salvation. We have to get to know His son and then let the world know He's our Lord.

Romans XVIII - The Potter and His Clay

We continue through Romans. Who are we to argue with God? The Creator get to choose how his creation is used. We have a personal responsibility to respond to the Gospel. Our righteousness is attained through faith, not through the adherence of the Law.

Romans XVII - On Whom He Will

Let's join Pastor Wayne as we navigate through Romans. We are justified by faith, Amen! We are his elect. God is definitely in control, thank goodness. In the end He chooses who is worthy.

Romans XVI - Our Hope

Joseph Kobel delivers today's message on the hope of Jesus Christ. If we suffer with him then we shall surely share in His glory. The will of God is that we give thanks in everything for He will never leave or forsake us. Nothing created can separate us from the love of God.

Romans XV - According to the Spirit

Join Pastor Wayne as we study the book of Romans. We are not under condemnation in Christ! Now there will always be consequences for sin, but thankfully we can have God's forgiveness.

Romans XIV - Internal Conflict

Before your saved your are a slave to Sin, but with our hearts set on Jesus we are free. We are able to live without Sin.

Romans XIII - Dead to the Law

As Christians, we are no longer under obligation to the law because we have died with Christ. As a result, we have been joined to another and are able to bear fruit!

Romans XII - Slave of Righteousness

Join Pastor Wayne as we navigate through Romans. Will you be a lover of Jesus or the world? Thanks and glory be to God that we don't have to remain slaves to unrighteousness.