Our Messages


At Living Hope Family Church, we are worshipers. God is worthy of our praise and we are a people who worship with all that we have.

Walk by Faith

Who we are We do not have to do anything spectacular, we just have to put our faith in Jesus. Jesus is the same throughout the ages. The main elements of our faith are to affirm conviction that the word of God is true, this will cause a personal surrender to Jesus, which then is reflected in our conduct.

Saved by Grace

We're all about Jesus. Everything we do is to share His message. His mercy saves us from the death we deserve and His grace is given to us even though we don't deserve it. Christ makes us new, not refurbished, but completely new.

He is Risen

As Jesus walked the Earth he was a man just like us. The joy set before Jesus was us. His Love draws us in. Without his resurrection we are lost. We are born again to a living hope.

Being Significant

What are we willing to risk? Are we willing to care enough? Dare to pry and be prepared to listen. Be brave enough to act. Faithfulness means we consistently do without changing.

Christ Crucified

The crucifixion was the most important event that ever happened in history, because of this we can finally be made right with God.

Romans VI - Justified By Faith

Paul argues Jew and gentile are equal in regard to salvation. Both have to place their faith in Jesus.

This is a Good Story

Just because things are going perfectly doesn't mean that God isn't good. The scripture is full of references to the goodness of God.

Romans III - No Partiality With God

Pastor Wayne continues his study with part 3 on the book of Romans. Pastor Wayne teaches that God favors all and that we must be careful with judging others.

Romans II - Without Excuse

Pastor Wayne teaches that there is no excuse for living in sin. God poured out himself in Jesus in order to bring salvation. This is part 2 of his study on the book of Romans.

Ugly to Beautiful

Hugo ministers on prayer and how even when things aren't how we want or expect them to be, God is an expert at making something that is ugly into something beautiful.

Romans I - I Am Not Ashamed

Pastor Wayne begins his study on the Book of Romans. Pastor Wayne teaches that we should not be ashamed to share the Gospel, we should be bold and we should be a light for others to follow.