Our Messages

His Way My Way

All too often, we limit who God is by our experiences. We think that God will be like our natural father, or we think God behave like what we see on TV or in the movies. We limit what we think God can do by what “we” think is possible. But His ways are not our ways. He may well, and often does, do things in ways that are totally different to how we would have or would like them done.

You Are Complete In Him

As amazing as it sounds when we gave our lives to Jesus, we were given a new nature. That's a genuine divine nature, but we need to remain humble so that "in all things He may have the preeminence." We would be wise to stay away from philosophical questions and simply focus on God's amazing grace whereby He has "qualified us." All we need to do is believe His word.

The Prodigal Son

The story of the prodigal son has something for everyone. It speaks to and clears up some misconceptions for those who have run away from God and for those who have been continually faithful.

Unrestrained Worship

The bible is filled with examples of men and women worshiping God without restraint, but all too often we hold back. We should push back the fear, shame, uncomfortableness, or whatever it is, and worship with abandon.

What Are You Looking At?

Everyone gives their attention to something and unless we focus on God we will be frustrated in the end. God's holiness should be the most impressive and awe-inspiring object we ever look to. It's the cure for all that ails us. God really is good.

Overcoming Anxiety

Life provides no shortage of opportunities for us to feel anxiety. But the Holy Bible provides many scriptures that can guide us in overcoming that, allowing us to believe in a real reason for peace. Our God is an almighty Father who loves us, and knows exactly what we need.


Forgiveness is a central part of the Christian faith. How we respond to others is a direct response to the great forgiveness that has been extended to us. God does not approve of our short comings, yet he forgave us anyway. We should forgive as He did.

Salt & Light

The world is getting darker every day, but that is when light is the most visible. We are to be salt and light to the world. When people look at you, what do they see?

God's Standard

There are many standards in life which must be adhered to in order for society to function for the benefit of everyone. But who sets the standards and who enforces the rules? How this is implemented determines the outcome. However, God's ways are higher than ours and that results in our falling short in our own efforts. It's not that we shouldn't try, it's that Jesus Christ paid for our failures and supplies the power to press forward. Let's focus our attention on His grace toward us so we can express it in love towards others.

Don't Stay Down

Thank God we don’t only get one shot. It we screw up or fall or fail, it is not over. There is only one way to fail as a Christian, and that is to stay down. But much like a boxer, if you get back up, the fight goes on. However, staying down is what the enemy wants you to do. But you are victorious in Christ and the only way you lose is if you don’t get up.

Dealing With Temptation

We are tempted when the enemy frames the thing that we are tempted by in an extremely attractive light. He makes it look like the best thing one could imagine. However, if we succumb, we are overcome with feelings of guilt and shame. Or we deal with serious repercussions. The very thing that was “supposed” to make us happy ends up destroying us. But don't worry. God provides a way out every time.

John 21:1-25

John relates some more post-resurrection information in this last chapter. Jesus is still serving his disciples in Galilee where he instructed them to wait. Making good use of the time, Peter and 6 other disciples go fishing but catch nothing. Obeying Jesus' instructions (while not realizing it's Him) they catch plenty. After they, eat Jesus restores Peter asking 3 times ". . . do you love me . . .? After this a rumor started that John wouldn't see death but Jesus simply wants us to be his followers and be personally responsible to him.