Our Messages

Time To Go

It took the Israelites 40 years to go an 11 day journey. It's time to get going in the blessing and provision God has given us so we don't fall in to the same trap.


You have been set free. Set free to serve. Set free to give. Set free to encourage. Set free to build His kingdom.

Our Lot

Join us for our Revival with Jarone Halsted. Give! The kingdom of God gives us the freedom in Christ to give and love on everyone. We need to listen and obey Him and give our hearts to him completely.

40 Chances

Because life keeps moving forward, we only have a limited amount of chances to do what God has called us to do. Don't waste your chances by not walking through the doors God has opened for you.

What Does the Word Say?

Today Pastor Joseph guides us through the authenticity of the written word. He shows us why it is so important that we invest time reading our bible. He explains the history of wear much of the formation of the Word comes from.

According to Your Faith

In regards to the promises of God, the believer has a responsibility. Not to perform, but rather to trust. Today we see that in almost every instance of healing in the New Testament it was their faith that made them well.

God Wants You Healed

God wants you healed! He loves us and desires us to be whole. The brokenhearted are who he wants to come before him. His healing is for everyone.

God's Healing Promises

God cares about you and His word is full of promises regarding your health and wellness.

The Author of Sickness

There was no sickness, disease, or death when God created man, and there is none in heaven. He does not use it to discipline nor guide us. It is not His will that anyone of us would be sick. Satan is the author of sickness and he uses it to cause kill, steal, and destroy.

The Mind of Christ

Join Joseph Kobel as he takes us through God's word. We should do our best to set ourselves apart from this world and pursue the things of God. Let's not be selfish but have lives of humility and love towards one another.

Where Is Your Joy

There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is the result of your circumstances but joy is the result of the finished work of Christ in you.

Abiding In Christ

Branches that are not attached to the vine fade and die quickly. The same is true for Christians who don't abide in Jesus. As Christians, abiding in Christ should be of the utmost priority.