Our Messages

Noah & The Flood

Pastor Wayne teaches on the parallels between Noah's day and our own.

You Are What You Do

Pastor Wayne teaches that our identity is not determined by our actions and behavior, but that our behavior and actions are determined by our identity in Christ.

Good Soldier of Christ

Pastor Wayne teaches on the qualities of a soldier that should be inherent in every Christian.

The Value of the Harvest

Pastor Wayne teaches on the value of those who we are to minister the gospel to. Until we value them as Jesus does, we will never reach our full potential in reaching the lost.

Living In Victory

Pastor Wayne teaches that as Christians, we are victorious because of the work Christ has done. We need to live from victory and not towards it.

James 4 - The Prayer of Faith

Pastor Wayne brings his series on the Book of James to a conclusion. In this final part, we learn to remain patient and not grumble when we are mistreated as well as the power of a prayer offered in faith.

James 3 - The Power of the Tongue

Pastor Wayne continues in the book of James, ministering on Chapter 3 and the beginning of Chapter 4. We learn the importance and power of our tongues, the difference between worldly and Godly wisdom, as well as about the conflict that arises when Christians attempt to be friends with the world.

James 2 - Faith & Works

Pastor Wayne finishes up in James chapter 1 and continues on in chapter 2. James discusses showing partiality and the connection between faith and works.

James 1 - The Testing of Your Faith

Pastor Wayne begins a series on the book of James. In this message, he teaches on the practical wisdom given by James.

The Potter's Clay

Pastor Wayne ministers on being God's workmanship. The workmanship of a master artisan has value and is made for a purpose.

Taking A Stand

Jesus said those who acknowledge me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father. Pastor Wayne challenges us to acknowledge Jesus before man every chance we get.

By His Stripes

Pastor Wayne ministers on healing in the body of Christ. Sickness is a tool of the enemy and has no right in the body of Christian.