Our Messages

A Living Hope

Pastor Wayne begins a series on the book of 1 Peter. This sermon explores chapter one.


Pastor Wayne teaches on what it means to prosper in the Kingdom of heaven.

O Valiant Warrior

Pastor Wayne teaches on Gideon's life, demonstrating that what God says about us more important and more truthful than what we or others say about us.

No Looking Back

Pastor Wayne teaches on the dangers of letting your past influence and direct your future.

The Tongue

Pastor Wayne teaches on the tongue and how we use it can impact our lives and those around us.

What Do You Say?

Pastor Wayne teaches on our response to God's calling. Do we say "Here I am," or do we run away?

Stand Firm

Pastor Wayne teaches on standing firm in your faith, regardless of the circumstances you find your self in.

Who Am I?

Pastor Wayne teaches on discovering your identity in Christ so that you may answer the question, "Who am I?"

Members of the Body

Pastor Wayne teaches that we are all living stones that fit perfectly into the body of Christ, each with a role to fill.


Pastor Wayne teaches on what it means to be free in Christ. It is freedom from sin, not the freedom to sin.

Conflicting Reports

Who's report are you going to believe? Pastor Wayne teaches on trusting God, even if everything else is telling you something different.

Healing IV - Our Responsibility

Pastor Wayne finishes his series on healing. He teaches on having faith to be made well.