Our Messages

The Culture of Living Hope - III

Pastor Wayne continues his series on the culture of living hope. In this message, he focuses on prayer and it's importance in who we are.

He Rose Again

Pastor Wayne ministers on the importance of not only Jesus' death, but His resurrection. His resurrection is vital to our hope and faith.

The Culture of Living Hope - II

Pastor Wayne continues the series on the culture of Living Hope Family Church in Marana by teaching that we are a people who worship at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

The Culture of Living Hope - I

Pastor Wayne begins teaching on the culture of Living Hope Family Church Marana, starting with reality that we are a people that are saved by grace.

The Reality of Righteousness

Pastor Mike Petzer teaches that operating from the reality of righteousness is the foundation of being a successful Christian.


Pastor Wayne ministers on temptation and what to do when it comes.

In Case Of Storms

Pastor Wayne teaches on what to do in case the waters of your life get a little choppy.

Loving The Lost

Pastor Wayne teaches on viewing people around us in the same way that God does. With love, compassion and value.

Take Hold Of Your Promise

Pastor Wayne teaches that Christianity is not a passive religion. The church is has enough passive Christians. We need to stop begging for God to do things He already said He would, but instead reach out and take hold of them.

Where Are Your Priorities

Pastor Wayne teaches that our first priority must be God, not letting any other trapping of this world sneak into first place. Otherwise, like the rich young ruler Jesus speaks to, we will miss out on what God has for us.

Get Back Up

Pastor Wayne teaches on the importance of getting back up when you stumble. The only way to fail is to stay down.

Take Care With Your Liberty

Continuing his series on the Book of Romans, Pastor Wayne teaches on chapter 14. In this chapter we learn that we have great liberty in Christ, but that we must take great care that our liberty does not cause another to stumble.