Our Messages

Forgive As He Forgave

Pastor Wayne teaches that forgiveness is a fundamental characteristic of a Christian. It is the result of a changed heart and the revelation of how much we have been forgiven.


Pastor Wayne teaches on the subject of love. However, not on the concept of love, but rather the command of Jesus to love.

Put On The New Self

Pastor Wayne teaches on putting off the old self and it's practices, and putting on the new self.

To Walk In Faith

Pastor Wayne teaches that real faith demands action.

A Man After God's Own Heart

David was considered a man after God's own heart. Pastor Wayne looks at a few key moments in David's life where we learn this wasn't because of what he did, but was actually because of the attitude of his heart.


Pastor Wayne teaches on how you are completely in right standing with God as soon as you get saved. You will never be more righteous than you become at that moment.

You Are Victorious

Pastor Wayne teaches that we are victorious in Christ, even if we don't feel like it. The only way to fail is to not get back up.


Pastor Wayne finishes his series on Evangelize, Equip, Empower. In this message we see that after we have been equipped, the goal of Living Hope Family Church is to empower people to succeed in their calling.


Pastor Wayne ministers on the second part of the motto of LHFC: Evangelize, Equip, Empower. After introducing people to Jesus, we want to ensure that make them disciples instead of just converts. This is where equipping the Saints comes in.


Pastor Wayne ministers on the first part of the motto of LHFC: Evangelize, Equip, Empower. Reaching the lost is our primary focus as a church. In this part, we learn the reason it is evangelization is so important and that we should have the same desire to see people come to salvation as Jesus did.

2 Peter 3 - The Day of the Lord

Finishing his series 2 Peter, Pastor Wayne ministers from chapter 3. In this chapter, Peter deals with the teachings of the false prophets. Even thought they were teaching that Jesus would not return and life would stay as it is always, Peter teaches that we need to be ready for that day.

2 Peter 2 - False Prophets

Pastor Wayne continues his series in the 2nd book of Peter. In chapter 2, we are warned of false prophets; those who would twist the word of God for their own gain.