Our Messages


There is a difference between joy and happiness. Pastor Wayne teaches that happiness is based on circumstance and is fleeting, but joy is based in internal factors such as faith in God, and is everlasting.

Storms Will Come

We all face storms in our life. Pastor Wayne teaches us how the scripture says to deal with them.

Galatians V - Live By The Spirit

Pastor Wayne finishes his series on the book of Galatians. In this message, we see Paul teach on the importance of living by the Spirit and what that looks like.

Galatians IV - The Two Covenants

Pastor Wayne continues with his 4th message in the series on the book of Galatians. In this message, we compare and contrast the two covenants, and that if we practice one part of the law, then we are obligated to the entire law.

Galatians III - You Are A Son

Pastor Wayne continues in the Book of Galatians. In this session, we will hear how Paul uses the law to back up his claims that salvation is by faith and not by works, as well as give the reason the law exists if salvation is not from it.

Galatians II - No Longer I Who Live

Pastor Wayne continues in his series on the book of Galatians. In this message, we see Paul continuing to defend his apostleship, and then begin to make his argument for faith verses works.

Galatians I - One Gospel

Pastor Wayne starts a series on the Book of Galatians. In this first installment, we see Paul begin to rebuke the Galatian Church for turning to a different Gospel.

His Death & Resurrection

Pastor Wayne discusses the importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus in the lives of believers.

Don't Die in the Desert

Pastor Mike Petzer teaches that birth and growing pains are a part of life. The key is to not get lost in our senses, but get connected to the truth by faith.


Abraham was a great man of faith as he lived his life. Pastor Wayne teaches on how he lived it so that we could learn from and imitate his trust in God.


Pastor Wayne teaches the importance of being obedient to God. It is not because God wants to manipulate and control us, but rather it is for our own blessing.

Seeking His Face

Pastor Wayne challenges us not be a people who become complacent in our doing, but be a people who constantly seek the Lord’s face, desiring to be in a real relationship with Him.