Our Messages

Put On The Lord Jesus Christ

Pastor Wayne continues in the book of Romans, ministering on chapters 12 & 13. In these chapter, Paul implores us to put on the Lord Jesus Christ so that we will live in a Godly manner.

Of Trees and Branches

Pastor Wayne continues in the Book of Romans, ministering on chapter 11. In this chapter we learn that God is not done with Israel, nor has He cast them aside.

Decisions of Man

Pastor Wayne teaches on the Book of Romans, chapter 10, where we learn that man does have a decision to make when it comes to salvation. He chooses to believe.

Decisions of God

Continuing his series in the book of Romans, Pastor Wayne ministers on chapter nine in this message. We look at the sovereign decisions of God in the Old Testament and how Paul uses this to show the Jews that it is God's decision, not theirs, to include the Gentiles in salvation.

Delivered & Victorious

Pastor Wayne continues with chapter eight in the Book of Romans. We learn that we are delivered, uncondemned, and victorious in Jesus.

A Strange Way To Save The World

Pastor Wayne looks at the birth of Jesus, and how from the outside looking in, a baby seems to be a strange way to save the world.

Conflict of Natures

Continuing in the Book of Romans in chapter 7, Pastor Wayne explores the legal grounds for us not being subject to the law as well as the conflict of the two natures inside of us before we are saved.

May It Never Be

Pastor Wayne continues his series on the Book of Romans. As he teaches on chapter 6, we find that Paul dismisses the notion that we should continue in sin in light of grace for we are free from sin, not free to sin.

In God's Timing

Pastor Wayne teaches on those times where it seems like God is not moving, or at least not as fast as we would like.

Faith, Righteousness, and Eternal Life

Romans 4 & 5 - Continuing in the series on the book of Romans, we join Pastor Wayne as teaches from chapter 4 & 5. We see that faith as always been the basis for righteousness since Abraham in chapter four. In chapter five we see that just as through one man's action, all men have sin, through one man's (Jesus) action, righteousness is available to all men.

Justified By Faith

Romans III - Pastor Wayne continues the series on the Book of Romans, ministering from chapter 3. Here we see that we are no longer subject to the law, but to the law of faith.

There Is No Partiality With God

Romans II - As he continues his series in the Book of Romans, Pastor Wayne ministers on Chapter 2. We see that God is not one to play favorites. It does not matter if you are a Jew, a gentile, slave, free, rich, poor, man or woman; God sees you the same.