Our Messages

Personal Responsibility II

Pastor Wayne shows the practicall application of taking responsibility for our actions in our every day lives.

Personal Responsibility I

Pastor Wayne teaches that the common attitude that we are entitled or the attitude that everything that happens to me is someone else's fault are un-sound and un-biblical.

Don't Give Up

We have a tendency to "want it now" in our society today. Pastor Wayne teaches that the promises of God are a matter of when, no it, so we should never give up.

The Greatest Commandment

The greatest commandment is to love. Pastor Wayne teaches what this should look like in our lives.

Love Your Brother

Pastor Wayne teaches on the importance to loving one another.

Loving the Lost

Pastor Wayne teaches that we should have the same love for the lost as Jesus did.

He Loves Us

God's love for us is incredible and vast. Pastor Wayne encourages us to guard our hearts against being jaded towards it, recognizing how amazing it really is instead.

A Light Shining Brightly

Pastor Wayne teaches how we can shine bright for Jesus.

The Power of Prayer

Pastor Wayne teaches how powerful prayer really is in the life of a believer.

The Importance of Prayer

Pastor Wayne teaches on the importance of prayer in a believer's life.

His Plan, My Plan

Pastor Wayne teaches on the difference between God's plans and our plans.

If We Fall Down

Pastor Wayne teaches the only way to fail is a Christian is to stay down if you fall. Instead, get back up.